hello friends and internet strangers

it is i, the famed (not) mars :P this is my thing? maybe.

so hey!! i'm mars. here are some things about me you should know.

once i figure this out i'll make a billie eilish blog. i must take over everything and spread the word of our lord and savior billie eilish pirate baird oconnell aka my wifey. now like i understand this is kinda a shitty website rn but im relearning everything jgkhfhghjfks im excited for once!! i hope to get up some sort of blog/journal on here :D and ofc just make this better ....design-wise. my gRaPhIc dEsIgNeR is cringing rn cause black and cyan arent really IT. oh well.

i'll figure out more html later. have a billie pic luvs

hit me up on fedi im umm there

i remembered how to make a link!! omg jsdklsklj :D